K. Anthony Marefat

Designer, developer, technologist, and educator. Based in NYC.

The Second Amendment

A 3D text-based adventure

Official Selection: Fantastic Arcade 2014
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In Second Amendment, the player controls an avatar who is playing a text adventure about sneaking into their father’s study. To type commands, the player must move the avatar’s hand over the keyboard and slam it down onto the proper key. This unique control scheme immerses the player in the experience of being a player playing a game, while the gripping storyline guides them to glorious catharsis.

“Second Amendment is a Unity3D text adventure that explores the true meaning of The Second Amendment.”

We decided to see how we could most inefficiently and most unintuitively use Unity to see where the limits of the platform would lead us. Text adventures seemed like the genre most diametrically opposed to the typical Unity game, so we experimented with pairing the two. The result was what we think to be the first interactive fiction navigated through 3D space. We could be wrong. Who cares? Not us.

Co-created with: Jane Friedhoff, Ramiro Corbetta