K. Anthony Marefat

Designer, developer, technologist, and educator. Based in NYC.

ESC Games

A live gaming spectacle

If I had a list of favorite “game designers that specialize in the public space and physical experiences”, then Pete Vigeant would be at the top. After delivering what might have been the most important games talk I’d ever heard at an IndieCade a few years back, I was thrilled to work with him.

“A massive, 30-player installation complete with concert lighting, giant screen, and a live host/commentator.”

His company, ESC Games, was working on this idea of a gaming spectacle. The tech stack, ranging from game engine to sound system, was crazy. Regular playtests made this one of the most ambitious and scrappiest game dev pipelines I’ve ever had the pleasure of working in.

I came aboard to participate in game development, as well as starting to scope out the transition towards a distributable development kit.

Media courtesy of ESC Games.