K. Anthony Marefat

Designer, developer, technologist, and educator. Based in NYC.

Camaro SIX

A customizer app for IOS + Android

Camaro SIX is a car customizer app for Android and IOS. Chevrolet asked Stinkdigital to capture the essence and experience of their beloved Camaro, redefining the classic auto brochure to an interactive, to-spec visualizer.

Mission accomplished. I had the chance to work with an extremely talented engineer named Brian Kehrer. With his guidance, we created an efficient framework to handle customization logic with the very same rules and combinations as you would get when purchasing the real thing. The user could walk to a dealer with the app and show the generated spec-sheet and just buy “this car.” On top of that, mobile-optimized shaders gave the model a beautiful look and optimal performance.

Media courtesy of Stink Studios.