K. Anthony Marefat

Designer, developer, technologist, and educator. Based in NYC.


XR Productivity, or The Future of Work

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Immersed has been my sole focus since just before the pandemic. Joining as part of the founding team has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences to date. I lead a team responsible for ushering in new paradigms of human-computer interaction, and making remote work better.

There’s hardly anything in the VR application ecosystem that I haven’t had a hand in building or maintaining. From multiplayer networking to build tooling all the way to UI and usability featuring, this has been (in part) my baby.

The vision is to build for a future where you just have to put on a pair of glasses to go to work.

Immersed was founded under the belief that a future where humanity is able to live wherever/however they want without the constraints of the physical office is fundamentally more freeing than one where we are not.

Today, Immersed is actively developing the technologies to remove the barriers of remote work in order to empower productivity, with the ultimate goal of restructuring civilization to be more efficient, and thus, more enjoyable.

Photos courtesy of Immersed.